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A car engine overhaul is usually done when serious problems occur within the car and its engine. An engine overhaul is often considered a nightmare for car owners. This process could take days to weeks to complete and cost several thousand. Engine overhauling demands high accuracy and offers little opportunity for mistakes. 

Mechanical faults aggravate the issues in the engine, which results in tragic breakdowns or a decline in mileage. Your engine may require overhauling due to a broken head gasket or the assemblage of heat and friction over time. A proper engine overhauling demands time, budget, patience, a maintained workplace, and appropriately sized components. It requires compelling experience in fundamental methods, techniques, inspections, and procedures in rebuilding the engine. There is a little margin of error while rebuilding the engine, and only an exact and cautious labor can fulfill requirements at every stage. Get your engine a refreshing makeover with our overhauling car services in Gurgaon with Smooth Your Drive.

An engine overhaul can be performed due to a drop in the engine performance, engine overheating, cracks, leaks, or broken engine components. A mechanic is required to disassemble the engine to evaluate the condition of the internal components to determine the source of problems to resolve them. One must look for reliable overhauling vehicles services in Gurgaon for exemplary engine overhauling. 

Here are common mistakes to avoid during engine overhauling:

Incorrect Measurements

The major  work lies in small details especially during an engine rebuild. Taking accurate measurements is paramount for ensuring that everything will come together and work seamlessly. Everything must be measured with care and precision when it comes to measurements. Incorrect measurements are one of the most frequent blunders during engine overhauling. Engine parts like cylinders, crankshaft, bearing clearances, ring end gaps, etc should be properly checked for cracks, defects, and abnormal or excessive wear. Then the parts should be accurately measured with gauges and micrometers.

If you want an accurate measurement, use a micrometer to measure the bore and crankshaft. A micrometer is a preferable tool for accurate measurements because it is simpler to maintain perpendicular to the measured component and enables no movement until the thimble is turned. If you are in a dilemma, then choose us for reliable overhauling car services in Gurgaon.

Herein are a few examples of proper measurements:

Cylinder Check:

  • Scratches on the cylinder walls
  • If cylinder is out-of-round
  • Condition of Taper
  • Check the manual to understand the interval limits for taper. Usually V8 engines permit up to .012 in. taper and .005 in out-of-roundness.

Piston Check:

  • Size of Ring Grooves
  • Internat Fitted pins
  • Top of Piston
  • Condition of Skirt

Improper Handling of Tools

Working on your car can create a mess, with many components, bits and pieces scattered everywhere. This wastes the majority of your time to search the right component, tool or other part. Majorly, people opt for wrong tools that engulfs the condition of the engine instead. 

Using improper tools can create hindrances during engine overhaul. It is essential to organize a workspace following some basic safety guidelines such as improvising special storage areas for power tools, compressors, keys, sockets, drivers, etc. This habit not only saves time but also reduces the risk of injuries. 

Ignoring the valve seats

A valve seal cutter should be used if the surface of your valve seat is damaged. A valve lapping compound would not fix the problem as it does not remove enough material to repair damaged valve seats. A valve seat cutter should be used if you have more than one tractor. 

Ignoring the Flathead 

A good seal helps to produce more power to the combustion chamber. A feeler gauge and a flat surface should be used to examine the flatness of your cylinder head. A glass countertop or a granite surface plate is suitable for a flat surface. The head can be flattened if you can fit a.003″ feeler gauge between any of the bolt holes. This can be accomplished by sanding a flat surface with medium to fine-grit sandpaper, adding water, or handling your cylinder head back and forth a few times. 

Ignoring the Fluid Leaks

Spillage of fluids like engine oil, brake fluid or coolant happens oftenly while driving a car. It would be best to clean any such residue as soon as it appears. Having a quality floor dry on hand is critical to quick cleanups.

Forgetting about an oil leak could turn out to be dangerous or expensive as it can coat other tools or components. 

Important Points to Remember

  • Taking a video can be useful when taking apart complex elements or big projects that stretch out in time. It helps to accurately remember the army of screws, covers, fasteners, cables, connectors and gaskets. 
  • Components that are not cleaned properly could potentially provoke premature wear that will especially reduce the overall lifespan of your engine. Make sure all the components are cleaned thoroughly. 
  • Components that come with little holes that are designed for a fluid to pass through them for either lubrication or cooling purposes should also be cleaned to ensure that it will not affect engine’s performance.
  • Make sure to gently clean all the parts so that you don’t destroy the integrity of the components. Some components work with tight tolerance levels and others need careful precision.
  • After cleaning components, consider baking them at 325 degrees for a few hours ideally in an oven used for powder coating. This process helps to dry out remaining oil, which makes it easier for mechanical cleaning methods like wire wheels or bead blast cabinets.

You can upgrade the lifespan of the engine with our overhauling vehicles services in Gurgaon. Contact us for immediate assistance.

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